Friday, November 19, 2010

StoneGable Christmas Dinnerware Giveaway

StoneGable Christmas Dinnerware Giveaway

StoneGable, in partnership with Pat at Life At Lydia's House is giving away this beautiful set of Christmas dinnerware.

HERE to visit Pat and her inspirational blog.

Please visit Yvonne at her most BEAUTIFUL blog. And find her DELICIOUS recipe for
StoneGable's Hot Chocolate Mix!!

Have a blessed Season~

XXOO, Damaris

Friday, October 15, 2010

CELEBRATION at Savvy Southern Style!!

Miss Kim at Savvy Southern Style is CELEBRATING her 1000+ followers!!
With an AMAZING Giveaway!! Come join her as we Celebrate!!

This one is my ULTIMATE FAVORITE!!
XXOO, Damaris

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Sweet Sixteen Princess

Today, I celebrate YOU!!

Priscilla Jacqueline

On your Sweet Sixteenth birthday, I celebrate you!!

You are the child that I prayed for all of my life, and the Lord

Answered my prayers on the day you were born.

On this special day,

I am thanking Him,

For all of the wonderful things that you are,

That bring so much joy to others, including me!

I celebrate your unconquerable spirit,

That lets you meet every challenge

With confidence, enthusiasm and persistence.

I admire your sensitivity.

You see needs that cry out to be met,

That no one else sees,

And you meet them.

Out of your deep and caring heart,

Out of your wisdom,

Out of your strength.

I treasure your uniqueness;

There is no one else like you.

And I feel blessed to know

Such an extraordinary person.

I appreciate you, respect you,

Cherish you, and look up to you.

It's your birthday, but is was us that received the gift,

A gentle, sweet, beautiful daughter.

Your father and I are so proud of you,

Our blue eyed baby girl has grown into

A beautiful princess.

I love watching you dance with Jesus,

Because you know,

He will only allow the perfect man to cut in.

I love you forever.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Farmer Joe's Wife Takes a Day Off!!

I can hardly believe it!! Just one more day, and this farmer's wife will be going to Sisters, Oregon. 2010 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. I have dreamed of this day!! After the tick bites, spider bite, and the countless mosquito bites, this girl is ready for a day off!!

When my family found out that Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims were going to be there, they made all of the arrangements to make this dream into a reality.

While I am there I plan to get a few quilting necessities, fabrics, threads, patterns, autographs (Hee-hee!!).

If you happen to be going to Sisters, look for me, I will be wearing my new The Quilt Show name tag!!

Also, while I am gone, my sweet blogging friend Yvonne over at is celebrating her 200 post!! Please visit her Amazing blog for her Easy and Delicious StoneGable Iced Tea and Giveaway!! PS. All of Yvonne pictures are DELICIOUS!!

Have a wonderful weekend!! I will be back soon!!

XXOO, Damaris

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Think I Shall Call Him "Farmer Joe"~

So now he/“we” have finished 600 feet of fencing!! And what a sense of accomplishment he feels. It is a beautiful fence, the wires are tight as a drum, and everything is level. That is very important to him.

Now we have the other 2,000 feet to fence!! But I will not bore you with that!! Have I ever mentioned why he is doing this fencing project? I think from now on I shall refer to him as “Farmer Joe”!! Well, Farmer Joe has the dream of raising some of these. He has already told us that they are for “eating” and not for naming. So the girls and I think we will just call them, “Rare, Medium and Well Done“.

BUT, if one of these comes to live on our farm, I am naming her “OREO”!!

At the end of our day, this was my reward:

The garden that God planted for ME!!

Thank you so much for reading my blog, and sharing my day with me. XXOO

Friday, April 30, 2010

He Whistles While He Works...

He is so cheerful while he is working. I love to listen to the little tunes (they are worship songs he has learned at church) he whistles, as they echo along the prairie. He calls me his helper!! But all I really do is follow him and keep him company.
He teaches me about guy stuff, like what the names of the tools are, and that the barbed-wire we are using is called "4 point".

At the end of our day, this was my reward~

We saw dozens of White Crowned Sparrows, and the neighborhood bunny that lives under our deck, the one that loves to nibble on anything that is green. Including my Irises.

Friday, March 19, 2010

This week's adventure in the backyard...

Hubby's favorite thing to do is "work". He is happiest when he is working, and he loves to do it non-stop. So after he gets home from his "paying" job, he goes straight to his "volunteer" job, the backyard.

At the end of our day, this was my reward:

A happy hubby!!
A sweet baby girl that wanted to join us!! While big sister stayed home, not wanting to brave the ticks. See our "little house on the prairie", on the upper right hand corner of the hill behind her.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Come "hang out" with me in the backyard...

My husband likes it when I "hang out" with him while he works on his projects outside. I tend to not always want to be out there with him. Especially around the oak trees where I happen to know that the ticks sit waiting for me to pass by so they can jump on me.

Yesterday when he asked me to go into the backyard with him, I decided to go with a good attitude and a happy heart. I grabbed my camera just in case I saw something wonderful.

He made a trail for us, and a path that leads to my future garden, he staked the corners to show me the layout of the garden so I could have a visual of where I would be planting my raised beds. I have dreamed of this garden for years, and the time is getting closer. It may take another year or two, since this garden has to be deer, cow, rabbit, cougar and coyote proof. This is going to be the most beautiful secret hiding place, where Joe and I can just runaway to. A place where the girls can see God's beauty unfolding before their very eyes.

Afterwards, he asked me to "hang out" with him while he worked on his never ending project, of building the fence which is going to hold his future cows (little does he know that we have already picked out names for his "beef cows").

At the end of our day, this was my reward~

PS. And just incase you were wondering, I am a tick magnet!! I did manage to have one jump on me, but hubby made sure it did not come inside the house!!