Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Sweet Sixteen Princess

Today, I celebrate YOU!!

Priscilla Jacqueline

On your Sweet Sixteenth birthday, I celebrate you!!

You are the child that I prayed for all of my life, and the Lord

Answered my prayers on the day you were born.

On this special day,

I am thanking Him,

For all of the wonderful things that you are,

That bring so much joy to others, including me!

I celebrate your unconquerable spirit,

That lets you meet every challenge

With confidence, enthusiasm and persistence.

I admire your sensitivity.

You see needs that cry out to be met,

That no one else sees,

And you meet them.

Out of your deep and caring heart,

Out of your wisdom,

Out of your strength.

I treasure your uniqueness;

There is no one else like you.

And I feel blessed to know

Such an extraordinary person.

I appreciate you, respect you,

Cherish you, and look up to you.

It's your birthday, but is was us that received the gift,

A gentle, sweet, beautiful daughter.

Your father and I are so proud of you,

Our blue eyed baby girl has grown into

A beautiful princess.

I love watching you dance with Jesus,

Because you know,

He will only allow the perfect man to cut in.

I love you forever.



  1. Awww...happy birthday to your princess! I stumbled on your blog just in time to celebrate!

  2. What a sweet post to your daughter... I hope she has a happy birthday.

  3. This is one of the most moving tributes I have ever read, Damaris! I hope your lovely daughter had a wonderful birthday & that you get to celebrate many, many more occasions just as special with her.