Monday, March 8, 2010

Come "hang out" with me in the backyard...

My husband likes it when I "hang out" with him while he works on his projects outside. I tend to not always want to be out there with him. Especially around the oak trees where I happen to know that the ticks sit waiting for me to pass by so they can jump on me.

Yesterday when he asked me to go into the backyard with him, I decided to go with a good attitude and a happy heart. I grabbed my camera just in case I saw something wonderful.

He made a trail for us, and a path that leads to my future garden, he staked the corners to show me the layout of the garden so I could have a visual of where I would be planting my raised beds. I have dreamed of this garden for years, and the time is getting closer. It may take another year or two, since this garden has to be deer, cow, rabbit, cougar and coyote proof. This is going to be the most beautiful secret hiding place, where Joe and I can just runaway to. A place where the girls can see God's beauty unfolding before their very eyes.

Afterwards, he asked me to "hang out" with him while he worked on his never ending project, of building the fence which is going to hold his future cows (little does he know that we have already picked out names for his "beef cows").

At the end of our day, this was my reward~

PS. And just incase you were wondering, I am a tick magnet!! I did manage to have one jump on me, but hubby made sure it did not come inside the house!!


  1. Soooooooo beautiful! EEEEEWWWWW about the ticks!

  2. Oh what lovely photographs! And how wonderful to have so much land! I would be outside constantly, despite the ticks. :)