Friday, March 19, 2010

This week's adventure in the backyard...

Hubby's favorite thing to do is "work". He is happiest when he is working, and he loves to do it non-stop. So after he gets home from his "paying" job, he goes straight to his "volunteer" job, the backyard.

At the end of our day, this was my reward:

A happy hubby!!
A sweet baby girl that wanted to join us!! While big sister stayed home, not wanting to brave the ticks. See our "little house on the prairie", on the upper right hand corner of the hill behind her.


  1. No wonder your hubby can eat you FABULOUS cooking and still be so skinny...he burns calories non stop! LOVE the photos but LOVE YOU MORE!

  2. Wow your backyard is pretty fabulous...and what a sweet family you have! I am a new follower of you too! So glad you visited me...good luck with the giveaway! Thanks for your sweet comments!

    Miss Bloomers